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Dr. Nishikant Kumar

Dr. Nishikant Kumar

    Orthopadics and Joint Replacement Surgeon

Dr. Nishikant Kumar is Included as Top 50 National stalwart in joint replacement by " Indian Arthroplasty association ". Dr.Nishikant Kumar is a reputed Orthopedician and specializes in joint replacement surgery. He has extensive expertise in performing hip and knee replacement by using the latest computer navigation technology. The technology ensures better implant alignment and reduces human errors. Dr. Nishikant has many successful joint replacement cases to his credit.

He has passed his MBBS from Prestigious Patna Medical College with Hons/ Distinction in 6 Subjects. He was a University topper for his entire tenure. Then he got M.S (ortho degree and DNB (ORTHO) as well. He then went to Lady Hardinge Medical College and RML hospital where he worked as a senior registrar for 3 years. He was then selected as Pool offices in joint replacement at Prestigious AIIMS; New Delhi. He has almost 30 indexed research publications to his credit.

He then went to ICATME Barcelona; Spain for his fellowship in joint replacement. He was among the few Indians who got ESSKA fellowship. He was then selected as a clinical fellow in Tan tock Send Hospital; Singapore where he learned the latest advantages in joint replacement. He also went to University Carl Gustav Carus: Dresden: Germany where he learned about the most recent techniques in joint replacement and Bone Banking.

He is now working as a consultant Orthopedics and Joint replacement Surgeon in Paras HMRI.

Education and Fellowships:
  • Exeter Fellow at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital; Exeter, United Kingdome. Feb - March 2018

    Joint Replacement and One Stage Septic Exchange; Endolink (Hamburg, Germany) 2017.

    FRJS (Endoklinik :Hamburg Germany).

    Fellow Revision Arthroplasty and one stage septic exchange: Endoklinik, Hamburg, Germany.

    MBBS(Hons; Gold Medalist), M.S.(Ortho; Hons, Gold Medalist), DNB (ORTHO), MNAMS, MESSKA
        FAR (ICATME; Spain), FTr(TTSH; Singapore)

    Ex. Registrar LHMC &RML Hospital New Delhi

    Ex. SRO; Arthroplasty AIIMS(New Delhi)

    Fellowship in Revision arthroplasty

    University Carl Gustav Carus, Dresden; Germany

Awards & Honors:
  • Distinction Marks (Hons.) in Anatomy, Biochemistry, Pathology & Pharmacology- DURING MBBS.

    Gold Medal in Anatomy, Biochemistry, Pathology, Microbiology &Pharmacology- DURING MBBS.

    University Topper in M.B.B.S. Examination.




    BCLS Certified.


  • Previous Experiences:


    Ex. SRO Arthroplasty; AIIMS; New delhi.

    Fellow joint replacement Spain.

    Fellow computer navigatin knee replacement ; Singapore.

    Fellow Joint surgery and Bone Banking; The Prince Charles Hospital: Brisbane:Australia.

    Fellow Robotic Hip and Knee Arthroplasty.

  • Professional Memberships::

    Indian orthopaedic association

    Ex. SRO Arthroplasty; AIIMS; New delhi.


    Bihar orthopaedic association.

    Singapore medical council.

  • Address:

    Village 856 Broadway New York

  • Contact:

    Phone: +262 695 2601
    Email: you@yourdomain.com

Research and Publications:
  • Nishikant Kumar & Lalji Chaudhry, Titanium Elastic Nails For Pediatric Femur Fractures: Clinical and Radiological Study. "Surgical Science",2010, 1, 15-19.

    Nishikant Kumar & Anil Mehtani - IRREPAIRABLE ROTATOR CUFF Tear; A Surgical Dilemma; Journal of Musculoskeletal Research.Vol .16 , No.2,(2013) ,1330001-5.

    Nishikant Kumar & Mukesh Kalra, ' EVALUATION OF VALGUS INTERTROCHANTERIC OSTEOTOMY FOR NEGLECTED FRACTURE NECK FEMUR IN YOUNG ADULTS' - Journal of clinical orthopedics and trauma. 4 (2013),53-57.

    Nishikant Kumar, Alok Sud, Anil Mehtani - Femoral shortening osteotomy in congenital dislocation of the knee- a result of midterm follow up.-Journal of pediatric orthopaedic [B] , September 2013,Volume 22,Issue 5.

    Nishikant Kumar & Mukesh Kalra; A Biplanar Fracture of Talus Associated with bimalleolar ankle fracture: An unusual presentation. Orthopaedics Today; Vol XV No. 1, Jan- Mar 2013.

    Nishikant Kumar, Sumit Anand, Rishi Raj & Anil Mehtani; Evaluation of percutaneous pinning in unstable proximal humerus fractures; A novel method- Journal Of Orthopaedics and Allied Sciences, Vol 1, Issue 2, Jul-Dec 2013, 33-36.

    Nishikant Kumar, Sanjay Meena, Vivek Trikha; Well leg compartment syndrome after fracture fixation in Hemilithotomy position; case report of a preventable condition. Medical Principles & Practice; September 2013.

    Nishikant Kumar, Chandrashekhar Yadav, Rishi Raj, Sumit Anand- How to interpret postoperative x-ray of total knee arthroplasty- A systemic review. Orthopedic Surgery, Volume 6; Issue 3, September 2014.

    Nishikant Kumar, Chandrashekhar Yadav, Rishi Raj, Vivek Tiwari- Tuberculosis masquerading soft tissue sarcoma; A case report and review of the literature. Laboe; Research, May 2014.

    Nishikant Kumar, Chandrashekhar Yadav, Rishi Raj, Pawan Kumar; Reconstruction of deficient Acetabulum and Total Hip Arthroplasty; Experience of two cases; Accepted of Publication; Journal Of Bihar Orthopaedic Association May 2014.

    Nishikant Kumar, Chandrashekhar Yadav, Anil Mehtani; Delayed presentation of fracture of lateral condyle of humerus in the pediatric age group, treated by ORIF and ulnar peg grafting: A case series. Accepted for publication; Journal of orthopedics and allied sciences; JUNE-December 2014.

    Nishikant Kumar,Chandrashekhar Yadav,Pawan Kumar; AN ANALYSIS OF DIAGNOSIS AND RECONSTRUCTION OF POSTEROLATERAL LIGAMENT RECONSTRUCTION; AN ANATOMIC APPROACH; Journal of Bihar orthopaedic association ; May 2014.

    Nishikant Kumar,Himanshu Kataria,Chandrashekhar Yadav; Evaluation of Proximal femoral locking plate in unstable proximal femoral fractures;Surgical technique and mid term follow up results, :Journal of clinical orthopaedics and trauma:September 2014

    Nishikant Kumar, Chandrashekhar Yadav; Xanthomatosis and orthopaedics; Review of literature; International Research journal of Basics and clinical studies;Vol 2(7),pp 78-81,October 2014.

    Nishikant kumar, Chandrashekhar Yadav; Fracture of polyethylene tibial post in a posterior stabilized knee prosthesis; case report and review of literature; Journal of Orthopaedics; December 2014.

    Nishikant Kumar, Ravi Mittal, Chandrashekhar Yadav; Direct repair without augmentation of patellar tendon avulsion following TKA; Case reports in orthopaedics; Vol 2015, 391295.

    Nishikant Kumar, Chandrashekhar Yadav,Swapnil Singh; Evaluation of pain in Bilateral total knee replacement with and without tourniquet; A Prospective randomized control trial. Journal of clinical orthopaedics and trauma; Accepted January 2015.

    Nishikant Kumar, Sanjay Yadav; Every Knee is not Osteoarthritic. Spontaneous Avascular Necrosis of the Medial Tibial Condyle- A case study. Journal of Postgraduate Medical E ducation and research; Accepted 2015.

    Nishikant Kumar, Sanjay Yadav; Total knee arthroplasty in a case of Tuberculosis Knee in Healing Stage; is it safe? Journal of Postgraduate Medical E education and research; Published August 2015.

    Nishikant Kumar, Ernest Kwek, Wayne; Lumbosacral Plexopathy in Pelvic injury- A cause of Hip Instability in 2 cases of Acetabular fractures. Malaysian Orthopedic Journal: July 2016, Vol10, No.2.

    Abhinav Sinha, Nishikant Kumar; Evaluation of Ponseti Method in Neglected Club Foot: Indian Journal of orthopedics: Jan 2016.

    Total 30 PUBMED indexed International publications.

    Joint Line Restoration in Total Knee Arthroplasty' - Journal Of clinical orthopaedics and allied sciencesJune 2017.Nishikant kumar, John Mukhopadhaya, C.S. Yadav, Sumit Anand.

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